The Height of Haute Cuisine

Over the years I’ve eaten my share of fancy food. I’ve also chowed down at picnic tables with million-dollar views.  But I’m not sure anything I’ve ever experienced combines those two elements quite as dramatically as a new attraction they call “Dinner In The Sky.”

The concept is at once so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself and so far out there you’ll wonder about the sanity of the Belgian businessman who did.  Picture a 17- by 30-foot rectangular platform dangling up to 180 feet in the air from the boom of a 200-ton portable crane.  Now imagine yourself strapped securely into one of 22 high-backed leather chairs as chefs and waiters in the center of the platform serve up gourmet grub 15 stories above terra firma.  To get an idea what the set-up looks like, check out the photos and videos on the company’s website.  For a humorous first-person account of the experience, check out this story from a UK newspaper.

Unfortunately, enjoying the Dinner In The Sky experience isn’t quite as simple as walking into a restaurant.  You’ll need to book the whole table which can run  $11,000 or more.  And that’s before you add the cost of the caterer!

Still, can you think of a better way to throw a dinner party for 21 of your closest friends that no one will never forget?  Just hope nobody drops their fork!


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