Off To The Races!

Horse-racing’s Triple Crown may have been something of a let-down this year.  But no matter, as I’ve found a couple of other critter-racing events so extraordinary they’ll make you forget all about that $2 bet you lost on sure-thing Big Brown at last month’s Belmont Stakes.

Just Ducky!  Experience the pageantry of thoroughbred duck racing at the 29th Annual Great American Duck Race.  This weekend festival takes place August 22-24 in Deming, NM with festivities that include the legendary Tournament of Ducks parade and the crowning of the Duck Queen and her court.  As if that weren’t enough excitement, there’s also a green chile cookoff, a mass ascenion of hot air balloons, a tortilla toss, a good old-fashioned carnival, and live entertainment.

One Hump or Two?  You can watch both fur and feathers fly at the 49th Annual Virginia City International Camel Races the weekend of September 5-7.  In addition to the camel and ostrich races—ornery beasts which make for the funniest form of competition you will ever witness—this historic Nevada mining town’s off-the-wall fall festival includes a turn-of-the-century mining camp, petting zoo, and evening dances. To get a feel for the action, check out the video here: .





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