Crash Course, Part 2

 In the first installment of our three-part series, I talked about what my motorcycle accident 20 years ago taught me about risk—both the risk of pursuing your dreams and, more importantly, the risk of not doing so. 

In this episode, I’d like to relate some of the lessons my painful encounter with an Oldsmobile in a downtown Salt Lake City intersection taught me about living life to the fullest:

 Lesson 4:  Ignore The Distractions

Here’s a news-flash for you:  The only purpose our culture’s current obsession with the exploits of celebrities serves is to distract you from what’s really important.  Namely, living your own life to the fullest.  Better to ignore all this wholly contrived and meaningless drivel and go out and do things that would make those celebs envy you.  If you need some ideas on where to start, check out the long list of examples here.

Lesson 5:  Collect Memories Not Stuff

I like fun toys as much as the next guy.  And I know there’s tremendous pressure in some circles to drive the right car or wear the right clothes.  But my near-death experience has taught me that none of this stuff really matters.  Simply put:  Possessions don’t last, but the memories of all the cool experiences I’ve had over the years will never fade.  Have a few of your own and you may discover people are a lot more impressed with what you’ve done than what you’re driving or wearing. 

Lesson 6:  Make A Change

If you’re not happy with the way your life is going, change it.  Understand going in that it’ll take time and effort.  But ultimately I believe we all have the power to create the life we want.  All it takes is making the choice to move in that direction.  And realizing that, when it comes right down to it, we really don’t have anything to lose by giving it a shot.

 Next Time:  Getting Your Priorities Straight



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