Crash Course, Part 3

In the third and final episode of this series where I’ve tried to distill what I’ve learned about life in the two decades since my near-death experience, we get down to what’s really important.  Namely, how having both my body and motorcycle bent and broken by an old guy in an Oldsmobile helped me to get my priorities sorted out pretty darn quickly: 


Lesson 7:  What Matters

I’m not going to sugar coat it: Figure out what matters in your life and let go of all the meaningless crap—somehow American Idol is the first thing that comes to mind here—our culture bombards us with on a daily basis.  For me that’s my wife and son, family, and friends, followed by seeking out and reporting on the kind of remarkable once-in-a-lifetime adventures you’ll find on  Everything else comes in a distant third.  What about you?

Lesson 8:  Speak Up

Too often we don’t tell the people we love how we feel about them until it’s too late.  Tell them today.  And tomorrow. And the next day.  Then show them, because actions speak louder than words.

Lesson 9:  The Good Stuff

As someone who spends his days in search of the next big adventure, I often have to remind myself that the really cool stuff isn’t always out there somewhere.  Sometimes it’s as close tickling my ten-year-old son or laying in bed talking to the woman I love on a lazy Sunday morning. 

Hopefully this series will have spared you from having to learn some of these lessons the hard way.  You see, while getting hit by a car definitely changed my life, it’s not something I can really recommend to everyone.



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