A Labor (Day) of Love

In any other major city, the idea of a “working vacation” would seem like an oxymoron. But, then again, New Orleans is no ordinary town.

When I returned to The City That Care Forgot last spring, I was thrilled to see that this thoroughly unique American city—one of my absolute favorite places on the planet—was finally beginning to bounce back from the damage done when Hurricane Katrina blew through three years ago this month. Bottom line: Virtually all of the things that make New Orleans such a great place to visit—the distinctive architecture, the fabulous food, the great music, and the general joie de vivre—are still there waiting for you to enjoy.

But I was equally disappointed to find that parts of the Big Easy remain completely devastated. To say that I found the sight of countless folks who are still forced to live in tents under a freeway overpass disturbing is a major understatement.

Which is where good-hearted folks like you come in. There are dozens of organizations working to rebuild the Crescent City and they desperately need the help of volunteers like you to gut and rebuild homes, serve meals, and more.

While you’ll spend your days working to help bring this city back to life, the personal upside is huge. In addition to all the good karma you’ll generate by helping those less fortunate than yourself, you’ll be able to spend your free time enjoying all those things that have always made any visit to New Orleans a truly extraordinary experience.

To learn more about how you can spend this Labor Day weekend—or, frankly, just about anytime in the months to come—laboring for a worthwhile cause, check out the Voluntourism page on the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau website.



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