Need For Speed

I’m heading out to western Utah’s world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats later this week for the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association’s World of Speed. 

But here’s the really cool part: I’m not going as a spectator.  I’m going as a participant, thanks to a little-known program that allows anyone with a high-performance machine to get a taste of land-speed racing by running their car or motorcycle flat-out (or at least close to it) on the salt.

The USFRA calls it The 130 MPH Club and it’s designed to let anyone with a driver’s license and a street-legal vehicle explore its true performance potential in a safe environment.  There are a few simple rules  to ensure you and your vehicle come back in one piece, but otherwise the event is open anyone who can pony up the $140 price of entry to this world where the need for speed trumps all else.

Now, before you go thinking that the standard for admission to the club—two passes down the measured-mile course at between 130 and 140 miles-per-hour—sounds like a piece of cake, consider the fact that the USFRA’s website says right up front “It only sounds easy.”  To see what they mean, read this story from a guy who found out the hard way what they were talking about.

If you’re able to make it out to the salt this week, look for me in the silver Porsche Cayenne SUV.  If you can’t make it out for this year’s event, check out my story of this extraordinary experience coming soon to the Xperiences page of 


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