Destinations Versus Experiences

I was just flipping through the November/December issue of National Geographic Traveler and saw their cover story titled 109 Destinations Rated. While I generally hold the National Geo publications in high regard, this particular article is yet another example of why I believe the editors of most travel magazines just don’t get it.

The problem here is their single-minded focus on destinations. While there’s something to be said for many of the tourist-magnet locations featured in the Traveler story, the reality is that even the world’s most intriguing places pale in comparison to a truly extraordinary experience.

You see, while you may return home from one of these traditional getaways thinking you had (…yawn…) a nice time, that afterglow and the “oh-my-god-that-was-absolutely-the-coolest-thing-I’ve-ever-done” kick that helps define an extraordinary experience are different by several orders of magnitude. In short, we’re talking about vividly memorable exploits that it’s just not possible to feel blasé about.

If you’re unfamiliar with this feeling I’m describing, I’d strongly encourage you to give any of the once-in-a-lifetime adventures you’ll find listed on our Xperiences page a try.  Then drop me a line and tell me if your extraordinary experience doesn’t make your old destination-oriented vacations look kind of pathetic by comparison.


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One Response to “Destinations Versus Experiences”

  1. Moyski Says:

    Obviously, those who can, experience. Those who can’t edit travel magazines (and try to generate advertising revenue).

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