Experimental Eats

While my tastes admittedly run towards low-brow chow, I think I can still recognize a gastronomically extraordinary experience when I see one.

El Bulli, located on northeastern Spain’s Costa Brava, has been voted “the world’s best restaurant” three times in a row.  Most of the fuss centers on their ever-changing “tasting” menu that consists of more than two dozen bite-size courses that are essentially experiments in flavor and texture (a liquid ham croquette, anyone?  Or how ’bout some nice basil foam?).  To get a better understanding of the kind of eats we’re talking about here, take a look at the list of dishes served during one six-hour meal in this blog post from Chocolate & Zuchini.

If you’d like to experience this gustatory extravaganza for yourself, keep in mind the restaurant gets hundreds of requests for every available opening during it’s six-month operating season.  But if you’re a serious foodie, don’t let that stop you.  Roll the dice today by logging onto the El Bulli’s Reservations page.


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One Response to “Experimental Eats”

  1. craneguy Says:

    I’ve never tasted this crazy molecular food myself, but this story got me interested:


    A six-hour dinner? I hope my in-laws aren’t invited.

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