Spray-On Testosterone?

2040_1haMaybe you’re a classy guy who likes the idea of having your own signature scent, but you’re not sure you wanna drop big bucks to create your own custom fragrance.  Or maybe you’re a more rough-and-tumble type who’s bummed because your favorite biker bar has gone smoke-free, making it just that much tougher to soak up that rugged “Wild Thing” aroma that’s become your trademark.

Either way, my friends at Rider Warehouse (alas, no relation) have you covered with what they’re calling Manly Man Cologne.  This quasi-mystical concoction is said to contain actual smells of whiskey and cigars to give you that “get-outta-my-way-wimp” aura without the pesky drawbacks that come with ingesting copious amounts of the real thing.

One ounce of this powerful mojo-in-a-bottle is just $20.  Add a splash of gasoline and three-days’ worth of beard stubble and no one will ever question your manhood.  Or get too close to you, for that matter!


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