What’s On Your List?

42970982139463If you could do anything you wanted—anything in the world—what would it be?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself periodically over the years.  One that has repeatedly led to some truly extraordinary experiences and altogether positive new directions in my life.  Like XTRORD.com, for instance.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered SuperViva.com, a website that lets you create your own “life list” of things you’ve always wanted to do.  If you need inspiration, the site allows you to check out  other folks’ lists, which is how I discovered SuperViva founder Susie Wyshak and I have both always wanted to attend Spain’s La Tomatina festival.  If there are “must-do” items on your list that you’d rather not share (like “Learn to yodel,” maybe?), the website allows you to keep those private.

Because I’m always on the hunt for new adventures to tell my readers about, leave me a comment about what it is that you’ve always wanted to do and you may see it featured on XTRORD.com.  In the meantime, log onto SuperViva.com, create your own life list, and get out there and start checking those suckers off!


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