This Job’s A Real Wiener!

wienermobile_yella“Man, I wish I had your job!”   I get that a lot.  And while I readily admit that publishing is as close to a dream gig as I’m ever likely to get, I have to say that I was briefly tempted to chuck it all when I heard the folks at Oscar Mayer are taking applications to drive the Wienermobile

The year-long assignment sounds pretty simple.  “Hotdoggers,” as the company’s goodwill ambassadors are called, get paid to drive one of six 27-foot-long four-wheeled hot dogs around to promotional events within an assigned territory.  Every few months hotdoggers get rotated to a different part of the country for a little change of scenery.

For a little more insight into what sounds like a pretty extraordinary experience, check out this feature story on You can also learn more about the what the Oscar Meyer folks are looking for in Hotdogger candidates and send in your resume here.  And fans of The Daily Show will appreciate this classic Wienermobile tale starring Jon Stewart.

In the meantime, let’s all sing a rousing chorus of the Oscar Mayer theme song: “Oh, I wish I was…”  Now just the guys!  Now just the girls!  I’m tellin’ ya, I was made for this gig.


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