WAY Too Close For Comfort


Coming face-to-face with a great white shark (from the safety of a shark cage, of course) is something that’s been on my to-do list for some time.  Now I’m having second thoughts.

Why, you ask?  Well, when I mentioned the idea to my friend Jim McDonough (an avid northern California surfer who regularly braves shark-infested waters when he’s not doing his web development/marketing thing) he turned me onto this video.  Seems these two guys got a little more out of their shark-diving trip off the coast of Mexico’s Baja peninsula than they bargained for.  Talk about close encounters! 

Does this mean I’m crossing this off my list of future extraordinary experiences?  Nah.  But I do believe I’ll make sure my life and disability insurance premiums (“whatdaya mean being bitten in half isn’t covered?”) are paid up beforehand!  


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One Response to “WAY Too Close For Comfort”

  1. Sharks R Us Says:

    The company responsible is called Shark Diving International. They also go by the name Great White Adventures. What is not known by the general public is the fact that this cage breach is just one of many caught on tape at the same site over the years.

    Even after this latest video aired all over the planet they still make the claim that they have a “100% safety record”. They also called themselves the #1 shark diving company in the USA.

    Hubris with a side of arrogance anyone?

    PT Barnum said it best. In the case of sharks tearing apart your next cage vacation-check first!

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