Eaten By Wolves!


snarling_wolf_montana-1024x768Okay, I admit that was an overly sensationalist headline.  But when a wildlife park in China sends three men to live in a pen with 36 thoroughly wild wolves for 72 hours, well, it could happen, couldn’t it?

The three men were selected from more than 1,700 applicants for the job.  To earn their $725 paycheck (don’t tell the Chinese but there are lots of people who would pay them at least that much to have this extraordinary experience), they were expected to write diary entries, take photos, and shoot videos each day. 

Officials at Qinling Wildlife Park in Xi’an say the men will be safe in a tree house located 10 feet off the ground.  Of course, they also said folks from around the world would be able to observe and interact with them (at least one of them speaks English) via the internet.  But despite a fairly thorough online search, I couldn’t find any record of what happened to the three men after they walked through the gates of the wolves’ enclosure.000bcdb953f10aa8511219

Which makes me think maybe that headline wasn’t so sensationalist after all!


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2 Responses to “Eaten By Wolves!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Ive always loved wolves there my all time fav animal. one of my friends has an alsation x timber wolf…….evil thing it just stares at you when ever you go up to the farm. I would love to be able to work with wolves in the wild which is why im sending this e-mail,……….good look to those 3 men i say lol…..i just wish it could of been me.

  2. Alan Rider Says:

    Yeah, wolves are pretty cool…got to hear them hwling in the distance last time I was in Yellowstone — pretty amazing experience!

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