Food For Fliers

dfwjIf you’re flying somwhere this holiday season (or trying to), first of all, my condolences.  I’ve been stuck in enough airports enough times to truly feel your pain.

In an effort to help you turn your lemons into lemonade, I thought I’d pass on a link to a great story from the New York Times Travel section.  It seems the writer actually managed to find a few airport eateries at major airline hubs—including Atlanta, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Miami, New York’s JFK and LaGuardia, and Los Angeles’ LAX—with food you might actually enjoy.  What a concept! 


One Response to “Food For Fliers”

  1. Blondie Says:

    Thanks for the link, Alan–I am compiling a list to carry with me on my iPod–this is perfect!

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