Have Family, Will Travel

foto-8Given the sub-freezing overnight lows here in the last couple of weeks, I’m really looking forward to a little family trip to Florida we have planned for next month. 

Highlights include going back to swim with the manatees off Florida’s west coast, an interspecies encounter that I found to be nothing short of amazing the first time around.  We’ll also be checking out a few new extraordinary experiences, including watching one of the last remaining Space Shuttle launches before NASA pulls the plug on the giant rocket-planes in 2010. space_shuttle_launch

And speaking of family travel, I wanted to say a special thanks to Shannon Hurst Lane, one of the four adventurous ladies behind TravelingMamas.com for the great interview with me she just posted on the website.   While you’re there, check out some of the stories of their own memorable family advenures, including this one that I’ve just put on my personal “to-do” list.   


One Response to “Have Family, Will Travel”

  1. Cyrus Says:

    That’s funny…we’re looking forward to spending some time with the kids in FLA too. And, if it’s still on for Feb 12th will see you at the shuttle launch! Thanks for pointing this out to readers because unfortunately, I think many visitors will be just an hour away (Orlando), but won’t think about seeing such a soon-to-be historic event.

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