“Killer” Cereal

Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, chocolate syrup, and malted milk balls.  Adding milk makes it healthy, right?

Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, fudge sauce, and malted milk balls. Adding milk makes it healthy, right?

Look through the pages of XTRORD.com and this blog and you may get the idea that I have a thing for food.  While my tastes are admittedly too low-brow for me to be considered a gourmet and my interest is a bit too casual for me to qualify as a true “foodie,” I do love discovering people and places that transform the often mundane act of eating into an extraordinary experience.

Which brings me to this quirky little café franchise called Cereality where they serve up more than two dozen brands of your favorite hot and cold breakfast cereals in any mix-and-match combination your twisted little taste buds can imagine.  To make these custom “Cereal YOUR Way” blends just that much more interesting, you can add your choice of more than 40 toppings and mix-ins ranging from cinnamon apples to pop rocks (if your creation turns out to be too nasty to choke down, they’ll actually let you try again at no charge—how cool is that?).  For those who can’t decide, they also offer their own proprietary “Cereal OUR Way” concoctions like the “Devil Made Me Do It” pictured above.

If you’d like to experience this exercise in crunchy creativity for yourself, click here to find the Cereality location nearest you.


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