Asleep In The Cockpit

19286While I’m not a card-carrying aviation geek like some of my friends, one look at the list of adventures collected on’s Xperiences page and it’s not hard to tell I’m into pretty much anything that flies.  Which may explain why the new Jumbo Hostel at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport caught my eye.

Built inside the shell of a mid-1970s-vintage Boeing 747-200 that’s been grounded at the airport’s entrance, this budget-priced hostel makes a way-cool alternative to your typically dreary airport hotels.  Inside are two-dozen rooms that range from bunk bed-equipped dormitory-style digs to a “Cockpit Suite” that retains many of the flight deck’s original gauges and controls and offers an impressive view of the action on the airport’s runways.  All rooms include flat-screen TVs (with a channel devoted to flight arrival and departure times) and wireless internet access.  Curious travelers and aviation geeks (you know who you are) will want to check out this video tour.


More than anything else though, the Jumbo Hostel offers something you might never have thought possible—the chance to get a really good night’s sleep on an airplane!


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