Hit The Road jack!

qnlruqorhcwc48q35k15oamf_500Look through the extraordinary experiences featured on the pages of XTRORD.com and it’s pretty clear I’m always up for a new adventure.  Especially, a good roadtrip.

Which may help explain why I think June’s Rental Car Rally from San Francisco to Yuma, AZ sound like so much fun.  What really makes the idea of this 36-hour run so entertaining however is that, in addition to traditional rally scoring based on time and distance between checkpoints, the organizers award a healthy number of points for things like “Team Style” (think themed costumes here, and the more outrageous the better) and “random tomfoolery.”  Those two elements alone make it seem well worth the price of admission.

To join this rolling party, go to the rally’s Registration Page.  


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