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World Gurning Championships

World Gurning Championships

Perhaps my favorite thing about this blog is when readers send me links to extraordinary experiences I might not otherwise have found on my own.  My second favorite thing is when I get to turn around and share them with the rest of you.

With that in mind, here are some of the most entertaining, unusual, and even downright strange things to land in my e-mailbox over the past several weeks.  Enjoy!:

  •  The Rapper:  I fly a lot and have to admit I usually end up tuning out the flight attendant’s safety spiel.  But there’s no ignoring this guy, who gets bonus points for creativity.  Extra points to the airline for letting him do it.
  • Funny Finnish Festivals:  If you doubt the fact that our friends in Finland have a sense of humor, check out this list of some of their wacky summer festivals.  Cell phone-throwing I totally get, but wife-carrying, well, not so much!
  • Toxic Asset Tour:  Okay, by now you’ve probably figured out that I love quirky stuff.  And this amble through the wreckage of Wall Street’s financial meltdown—led by a guy who was there—certainly qualifies.
  • World’s Best Bathrooms:  While I don’t generally consider answering nature’s call to be all that extraordinary an experience, there are exceptions to every rule.  Like these award winners.
  • World Gurning Championships: Remember how your grandmother told you if you didn’t stop making those funny faces your young mug would get stuck like that?  Well, here’s what happens to people who don’t listen. 

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