Adventure Fitness

w46-whitewater-rafting-action-300Whether I’m at home or on the road, I make it a point to hit the gym five or six days a week.  While this means I’m probably in better shape than your average couch potato, I’m not ashamed to admit that several of the adventures on my long list of extraordinary experiences (spelunking, surfing, and air combat come immediately to mind) have flat-out kicked my butt

Now, I’ve got to believe I’m not the only one who’s ever found themselves in this situation.  Which makes me wonder why it’s taken so long for someone to dream up an adventure travel fitness regimen like Fit For Trips.  The program consists of 4-, 8-, or 12-week online courses specifically tailored to the type of adventure you have planned, from mountain biking to sea kayaking.  All designed to help you build both the physical strength and endurance you’ll need to get the most out of your outdoor vacation.

Programs start at just $169, and there’s a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.  Which raises the question, what are you waiting for?


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