Fast Fun

Photo 10-AThe next six weeks will fly by as fans of land-speed racing—better known to all you cool kids out there as LSR—flock to the stark beauty of western Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats for two of the sport’s most high-profile events.

First up is Bonneville Speed Week, which rolls onto the bright-white salt just west of Wendover, Nevada August 8-14.  This is by far the biggest LSR event of the summer, with hundreds of racers vying to set new class records on three different courses at speeds that often top out at over 200 miles-per-hour.

While it’s hard to beat Speed Week for the sheer spectacle, I’m actually partial to the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association’s World Of Speed which runs from September 16-19.  While you’ll find plenty of serious record-chasers here too, what I love about this event is that its 130 MPH Club class that offers ordinary folks like you and me to take their daily drivers and, with a few simple safety modifications, run them flat-out on this legendary race course.

As is the case with all extraordinary experiences, the chance to be a participant in something this cool beats the pants off being a spectator every time!


One Response to “Fast Fun”

  1. Todd Says:

    Hey thanks for the cool info about Bonneville! I have been out there a few times and race myself and I can tell you that it is a blast! Everyone who loves going fast needs to go see it at least once in their lifetime!

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