Air Amour

Here’s one of those stories we couldn’t make up.  It seems that Brisbane, Australia-based Erotic Airways is now offering private charter flights to couples (or threesomes, if you’re so inclined) looking to earn their membership in the legendary “Mile-High Club.”

milehighRather than trying to squeeze yourself and your partner into the cramped lavatory of a commercial airliner in an attempt to, ahem, fly united, the Erotic Airways folks set you up with a double bed covered in satin sheets in the back of a vintage twin-engine Beech H-18S.  Flights last either 40- or 60-minutes and come complete with mood-enhancers including champagne, chocolates and more.

Once you’ve done the deed and are safely back on the ground, the airline provides a certificate commemorating your sex-perience (their term, not ours).  Now won‘t that be an interesting conversation-starter when you hang it on your office wall?

For a list of charter operations that offer mile-high flights closer to home go here.  For other equally exciting (though admittedly G-rated) airborne adventures, check out our Xperiences page.


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