Give Me Reality Any Day

One of our guiding principles is that “reality kicks virtual reality’s butt every time.”  Which is why I found this new TV commercial promoting travel to the Florida Keys and Key West to be a lot more profound than anybody at the ad agency or tourism bureau probably expected.

You see, as much as I like the Keys—and I like them a lot—what struck me as so right-on about this 30-second spot that spoofs the whole “There’s an app for that” iPhone ad campaign is the idea that all the cutting-edge technology in the world can’t beat getting out there and having a good old-fashioned extraordinary experience.  I mean, really, how can  performing in a virtual rock band in your living room possibly compare with actually getting up on stage and playing your heart out in front of a cheering crowd?

Now, if I sound like a bit of a Luddite on this, well, so be it.  But as someone who’s tried aerial combat in both a computer-generated fighter plane and the real deal, let me tell you there’s just no contest which one I’ll remember for the rest of my days.

One final thought on this subject.  Maybe you believe the virtual reality version of living your dream will have to suffice because your fantasy is just too far out there to expect that you could ever do it for real.  Well, here’s my challenge to you: Use the comment area below to let me know what it is you’ve always dreamed of doing and I’ll do my best to find you a way to make it happen.

While there are no guarantees with this offer, what I can promise you this:  Once you make your long-held dream a reality, the virtual world will never seem quite as exciting again.


3 Responses to “Give Me Reality Any Day”

  1. Mark Slatko Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Alan.

  2. Alan Rider Says:

    Really is a great spot Mark — makes me wish I was there!

  3. Finances, Fitness, And Fear: Overcoming Obstacles Between You & Your Next Big Adventure « Says:

    […] Give Me Reality Any Day […]

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