Going Out With A Bang: Contest Lets Lucky Winner Blow Up Texas Stadium

Not sure what it is about human nature, but it seems we’re genetically hard-wired for an attraction to things that go BOOM!  Now, a new contest is offering one lucky person what very well may be the ultimate extraordinary experience: A chance to set off an explosion that will literally bring the house down.

You see, the folks at Kraft Foods have just signed a deal that will allow the winner of an essay contest to push a button that will turn Texas Stadium, former home of the Dallas Cowboys, into a pile of rubble.  The blast that triggers the implosion is scheduled to happen this spring in front of a crowd of former players, coaches, and fans who have understandably fond memories of the historic 65,000-seat stadium.

For more information on how you can enter the contest or watch festivities, check out the contest’s official website here.

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