Sasquatch Sightings

Is it just me, or have there been a lot more Bigfoot sightings lately? From starring roles in television commercials to this guy who thought it’d be funny to don his Sasquatch suit and startle a few unsuspecting hikers, it seems like the legendary ape-man is getting more media exposure than he’s seen in decades.

While this famous footage definitely set the hook in me back in 1967, I’m not ready to declare that bigfoot exists.  That said, I’ve also spent enough time in remote corners of this country to believe there are still plenty of places where the big hairy lout could be hiding.

And it’s that sense of possibility that makes the expeditions put on by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association sound like such fun.  The organization runs dozens of outings each year and, despite the fact that the group has limited the slots available to outsiders for 2010, it’s still possible to earn a place on the team if you can bring some useful skills to the effort.

If you do get to tag along, there’s obviously no guarantee you’ll spot one of these elusive creatures in the wild.  Even so, I’m told enough participants have reported seeing, hearing, and smelling things that can’t be rationally explained to make me want to add one of these trips to my list of extraordinary experiences.

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