Matadors, Machine Guns, Monster Trucks & More: 4 Politically Incorrect Adventures

Come on, admit it: There’s something you’ve always wanted to do, some extraordinary experience you’ve always wanted to have, that you just don’t talk about for fear of what people might think.  Well, you’ll find no judgments here.  Provided it’s not illegal or immoral, I say go for it.

If you’re one of those rare folks who don’t harbor such secret fantasies, allow me to put a few outrageous ideas into your head. Here are four thoroughly un-PC adventures that promise to be so unforgettable you’ll have a hard time keeping them to yourself:

bullfight schoolFight A Bull

There’s just something about squaring off with a quarter-ton of bad-tempered bovine that’s bound to make you feel fully alive.  This San Diego-based school will teach you the basics of the bullfighter’s art (minus the bloodshed) and then turn you loose to face a yearling bull who’s also in training.

knob creek machine gun shootFire A Machine Gun

Chances are none of us will ever own the kind of high-caliber hardware that shows up at this annual event, which is probably a good thing.  But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be wicked good fun to blow through a few hundred rounds of ammo within the safe confines of this springtime firepower festival.

professional wrestling schoolBecome A Pro Wrestler

If you’ve ever watched the stars of the WWE strut their stuff in the ring and thought, “Man, I could do that!”, well, here’s your chance to prove it.  These schools will teach you the grappling moves you’ll need to crush your opponents, right along with the less obvious but no less important skills you’ll need like developing a crowd-pleasing character and doing on-camera interviews.

Drive A Monster Truck

Anyone who’s ever been stuck in an endless traffic jam has surely fantasized about taking the wheel of one of these massive machines and simply driving right over the top of anything that gets in your way.  This British monster truck driving experience allows you to do just that, flattening a couple of perfectly good cars in the process.


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