Bungee Jumping Bonus: What One Young Woman’s Leap Of Faith Can Teach Us About Living Life To The Fullest

While this website is filled to overflowing with stories of  way-cool once-in-a-lifetime adventures, read between the lines and you’ll discover everything here is really intended to promote the larger idea that life was meant to be lived to the fullest.  Which is why I wanted to introduce you to Mary Thompson and let her tell you the tale of her first bungee jump.

In many ways her experience might not seem that unusual.  But what really impressed me is the way this plucky young woman didn’t let her fears stand in the way of having an extraordinary experience she’d always dreamed of.  Let me know in the Comments section below if there’s anything in here that you can relate to!

Bungee Jump New ZealandWhat made you want to do this?  Or, to put it more bluntly, what the heck were you thinking?!

I’m not exactly the typical adrenaline-junkie.  In fact, even though I have stuff like bungee jumping and skydiving on my life list, these things make me a bit nervous and I generally have to be talked into doing them.  While I never thought I’d actually do it, my boyfriend said he’d always wanted to try it so I figured, well, why not?  You only live once and you might as well do the things that scare you a little because they make you feel really alive.

Describe the safety precautions they take — did they actually make you feel more secure?

I researched bungee jumping in general and Taupo Bungy in particular beforehand and I knew they had a great record for safety.  The fact that I knew the general safety procedures by the time I got there also helped me feel more secure. I was still clearly nervous though, so the two guys who worked there started joking around pretending they didn’t know what they were doing.  Which made me laugh even as I was watching them double-checking everything.

Bungee Jumping Taupo BungyWhat was it like to stand on the edge?  Did you look down?

I was only on the edge for a few seconds, long enough to take a photo and count down to jump, but I was thinking, ” I can’t believe this!  I’m really going to jump!”  The only time I looked straight down was when I started to fall forward and by then I was committed!

Did you expect to hit the water?  What was that like?

I told them I wanted to hit the water with my hands, but they said that they couldn’t guarantee it.  I ended up going in up to my waist, which was fun even though I got water in my contacts that made my vision blurry for the first bounce.

What was the scariest part?  And at what point did it become fun?

The scariest part was standing on the edge because your feet are hooked together and the weight of the bungee cord feels like it might pull you off before you’re ready.  It really started to be fun after I bounced up out of the water because then you know it’s all going to be fine!

Now that you’re back home, how do you feel when you look at the photos and video of the experience?

The first couple of days afterwards I looked at them all the time because I still felt such a thrill from actually doing it.  Now I like to look at them because I’m proud of myself and they remind me that I can do anything!

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about doing this?Bungee Jump Adventure

On a practical level, tuck in your shirt unless you want to flash everyone watching you jump!  Other than that, I’d encourage anyone who wants to bungee jump to do it even if it seems scary.  For me, things like this are all about proving you can achieve anything you really want to, and actually doing it makes you feel great!

Mary Thompson is a freelance writer based in Memphis.  To read more of her adventures, check out her Life Is Awesome blog.  You can also follow her exploits on Twitter.


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