Sailing Through Airport Security: 2 Great Sources For Travel-Size Products

Travel size productsGoing through the TSA security checkpoint in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, I ended up in line behind a tres chic young woman who began giving the screeners a heaping helping of attitude after they politely pointed out that she couldn’t carry-on the four full-size containers of shampoo, hair gel, and whatnot they’d extracted from her over-stuffed roll-aboard suitcase.

If this were an isolated incident, it probably wouldn’t even be worth mentioning.  But, as someone who flies 100,000-plus a year, I can tell you it’s something I see all the time.  Honestly, it’s a mystery to me that there could still be folks out there who haven’t gotten the message about the TSA’s three-ounce rule for liquids and gels in carry-on bags, a restriction that was put in place way back in 2006.

Naturally, it wasn’t till later that it occurred to me that I could have saved this stylish 20-something a world of TSA grief on her next trip by sharing a couple of great sources I’ve found for an amazing array of travel-size products.  From run-of-the-mill sundries to high-end cosmetics, these two operations can set you up with everything you’ll need to make sure you sail through airport security on your next adventure:

From tiny tubes of toothpaste to individual-sized gourmet snacks, if it’s offered in a travel size these folks probably stock it.  Their wide assortment of pre-assembled kits also make practical bon voyage gifts.Travel size cosmetics

This operation’s clever name—short for “3 Fluid Ounce”—doesn’t begin to describe the depth and breadth of their offerings.  Let’s just say that if the only reason you’re still paying to check a bag is that you can’t find your favorite upscale beauty products—you know, anti-aging potions and the like—in TSA carry-on-friendly sizes, this is the website for you.


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