Cool Camps (Part 1): 7 Summer Camps So Fun They’ll Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

There are more than 12,000 summer camp programs in the U.S.  Most of which are designed to fill their campers’ days with activities that haven’t changed much in decades.

Summer camp culinary skillsThe seven summer camp programs featured below are another story altogether.  While their themes run the gamut from filmmaking to fine cuisine, the one thing they all have in common—other than the fact that a lot of adults will wish they could sign up—is the fact that they offer kids a chance to actually live out the kind of extraordinary experiences they thought were only possible in movies, TV, and video games:

Feel The Force

This three-day Jedi Experience, held in conjunction with a traveling Star Wars exhibit, gives younglings a chance to learn the ways of the Jedi, build their own lightsaber, and more.

The Big Boom

Older teens can have a blast at this Summer Explosives Camp designed to introduce them to university degree programs that will allow them to blow stuff up for a living.

Rock The House

These week-long Power Chord Academy camps give young rockers a chance to write songs, perform on stage, lay down studio tracks, and even star in their own music video.summer camp rock band

Lights, Camera, Action!

Aspiring filmmakers attending Pali Adventures’ Film Institute will get the chance to write, direct, shoot, edit, and premiere their own short-feature.

Fashion Designer Dreams

Teen fashionistas will flip over these five-day FashionCampNYC programs that let them experience all aspects of the fashion business, from working for style magazines to designing for the runway.

Now You’re Cookin’!

When the budding gourmets attending the Kids Culinary Summer Camp of Vermont aren’t learning serious kitchen skills, they’re off enjoying tasty field trips to local bakeries, cheesemakers, and restaurants.

Burn Rubber Baby

summer camp motorsportsThose video arcade driving games will look like child’s play once kids have the chance to spend time behind the steering wheels of Camp Motorsports’ scaled-down race cars and dune buggies.

For a seemingly endless list of other interesting summer camps for kids, check out MySummerCamps.comAnd tune in next time for a rundown of grown-up camps that prove kids don’t always have all the fun!


Civil War Adventure Camp

Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp


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